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CenterPoint Corporate Park
2024 Food Trucks
Application, Guidelines, and Agreement

Food Truck Portrait

Section A


  1. This document (also known as FNWAGA), is an Application, Guideline, and Agreement between the Owner(s) of the food truck(s) (also known as the Vendor) doing business at CenterPoint Corporate Park in Kent, Washington, and Fountainhead Northwest LLC (also known as FNW).

  2. Only those FNWAGA submitted on October 13, 2023, after 6:00pm (PST) will be accepted and processed. If submitted before 6:00pm on October 13, 2023, your FNWAGA will be delayed.

  3. The FNWAGA must be completed in its entirety. Missing information will delay the application review process.

  4. Prepare to upload your Photo Identification Card (Driver’s License or State I.D. accepted) along with your current and valid Certificate of Liability Insurance (COI). Failure to do so will constitute your FNWAGA as incomplete and will be set aside during the application review process. Your COI must have the following information for FNW: Fountainhead Northwest LLC, 6811 S. 204th Street, Suite 110, Kent, WA 98032, 253-395-9226. 

  5. All FNWAGA will be reviewed in the order they are received electronically.

  6. Vendors who did business during the 2023 calendar are required to submit all their ticket sales and amount of sales prior to having their application process started. Incomplete reporting will result in the delay of the Vendor's application review process.

  7. FNW will be scheduling food trucks on a 'one food truck vendor' basis for the 2024 calendar year. However, there may be times where two food trucks will be booked (depending on potential demands, weather, etc.). Should this be the case, an email will be sent to all Vendors for more information.

  8. The application process will take place in three steps: 1) Vendors will submit their application along with all required documents; 2) FNW will review each application and will email the Vendor a proposed schedule for 2024; 3) The Vendor has 48-hours to review, approve, and email FNW of their acceptance. Failure to do so will result in their proposed schedule dropping off the calendar; and 4) FNW will email the Vendor a final confirmation of their approved 2024 schedule.

Fast Food Truck

Section B


  1. FNW has established the following guidelines regarding food truck service at CenterPoint Corporate Park (Kent, WA) in an effort to support safe and successful activities for Vendors.

  2. All Vendors must provide a copy of their driver's license/state identification along with their current and valid COI and uploaded online via FNWAGA.

  3. All Vendors must submit a complete FNWAGA and approved by FNW prior to doing business at CenterPoint Corporate Park.

  4. Vendors are only allowed to be on site on their scheduled dates and times. Exception to this must be approved by FNW in advance.

  5. Vendors are expected to be onsite and ready to start business at 11:00am and finish by 1:30pm. Outside these times will need to be approved in advance by FNW via texting 206-234-2764.

  6. Vendors shall park only at the designated ‘Food Truck Area’. Exception to this must be approved by FNW in advance.

  7. Vendors shall park their vehicles with their ‘primary service window opening’ facing the canopy/lawn/tables at the food truck designated area. Primary service window opening shall not be facing the parking lot for safety reasons. No exceptions.

  8. No promotional materials, menus, etc. may be affixed on, near, or inside of the CenterPoint Corporate Park buildings.

  9. Canvasing Tenants via email, door-to-door advertising, etc. is prohibited.

  10. Any mess and/or waste generated by the Vendor and associated activities must be cleaned up and removed immediately after their scheduled service date on site. Vendors may be charged a fee if FNW is required to clean up.

  11. Site dumpsters shall not be used for the elimination of food truck waste.

  12. All Vendors are required to email ( or text (206-234-2764) their final ticket sales and the amount of sales of the day after selling on site. 

  13. It is always the responsibility of the Vendors to keep up with their schedule. Cancellations (regardless of the situation) must be done 48-Hours (from the Vendor’s scheduled date) in advance in written form by email ( or by text (206-234-2764).

  14. If written cancellations are received less than 48-Hours (from Vendor’s scheduled date) OR no written cancellations, Vendor will be marked a ‘strike’ on record. Three marked strikes will constitute review by FNW on whether the Vendor will be invited back to do future business at CenterPoint Corporate Park. If no longer invited, all remaining scheduled dates for that Vendor will immediately be cancelled.

  15. When a Vendor cancels a booking, they are not allowed to find a substitute to replace them. FNW will find a substitute vendor to take over their schedule.

  16. FNW retains the right to refuse Vendor admittance at any time for any reason. Vendor will be reviewed by FNW on a regular basis (i.e. attendance, reviews, concerns, etc.) for future admittance.

  17. Vendor must be aware and practice up-to-date food & beverage guidelines mandated by the Washington State Governor’s Office and the Washington State Department of Health. It is the Vendor's responsibility to research the information by going on both organizations' website.

  18. By submitting a completed FNWAGA, Vendor accepts all content within the FNWAGA document.

  19. Contents on this FNWAGA is subject to change.

  20. For questions relating to doing food truck business or events at CenterPoint Corporate Park, please email or call/text 206-234-2764.

Super Health Food

Business Information

Please fill out entire form. All sections are required.


By signing below, the BUSINESS OWNER(S) approves all content submitted in this form to Fountainhead Northwest LLC, and that this Application is legally binding.

Thanks for submitting!

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