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Fountainhead Northwest LLC (FNW), a commercial real estate development firm, owns four properties (The Atrium Building, Cascade East Tower, Cascade West Tower and the Commons Building) within the CenterPoint Corporate Park located in Kent, WA. 

FNW is proud to provide open and collaborative work environments, large contiguous spaces for growing companies, Insta-Suites for smaller companies and link-able suites for easy expansion. Our focus is to provide an unparalleled Class A office environment and tenant satisfaction so that our clients can focus on what matters most - their business.

Why FNW?

Your company stands out among the rest. Shouldn't your workplace do the same?

Employees genuinely love working here. They appreciate the cleanliness, safety, attention to detail, and mostly, the vibrancy of the property.


With the gym close by, the manicured flower beds, and the two on-site cafe's and food truck vendors, there is no place in the valley that has the 'Mojo' that these properties have!


What we offer...

Convenience, Amenities and Unique Environment

Modern companies and their staff now demand more convenience to support their working lives, more amenities and facilities on hand, and greater ease even in how they travel to and from their work. ​Our properties offer a unique environment that does just that.


Distinctive features and the atmosphere of people spontaneously meeting, spurring collaboration in multiple campus areas makes The Cascade Towers and The Atrium building the place where people and businesses want to be.


This fully designed state-of-the-art office campus is a uniquely planned workplace; every aspect of space design, construction and furnishing has been taken into account to keep your employees efficient, inspired and productive. Large floor plates allow for a new definition of 'workflow' as personnel can effortlessly gather, share and create, thanks to open floor plans.


  • Onsite Property Management

  • ​Onsite Leasing Staff

  • Onsite Engineering Staff

  • Onsite Design Staff

  • Onsite Construction Staff

  • Onsite Horticulture Staff

  • Easy, Short-Form Lease

  • Ability To Expand Within Our Network of Properties Without Breaking a Lease

  • Quick, Responsive Ownership


Fountainhead Northwest is a subsidiary of Fountainhead Development Inc. (FDI) based in Fairbanks, Alaska. Established in 1985 with foundations in real estate development, hospitality, management and operations, we are proud to be a member of the FDI family who is strongly committed to its employees, customers and tenants. Check out other subsidiaries under FDI. 

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Antique Auto Museum

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Wildlife Sanctuary

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Bear Lodge

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Wedgewood Resort



Equipment Source



Fountainhead Development Inc.

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